Weakley Co. Sheriff’s Dept. warns of another scam

The Weakley County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about another phone scam.

Captain Randall McGowan says someone was contacted by a person claiming to be with Publishers Clearing House telling them they had won a large sum of money and that $20,000 dollars had been deposited into their checking account to cover taxes.

The scammer even had someone call them using the name of a bank employee and told them the money had been deposited.

The person was then asked to cash a $5,000 dollar check and send $4,500 dollars to Publishers Clearing House.

After checking with the bank, the phone call was found to be an attempted scam.

The scammers told the person not to tell family members about it because they might try to steal the money and one of the callers told the target that he was Johnny Carson’s son.

Captain McGowan says people are now being asked to buy gift cards and either send them in the mail or give the caller the numbers off the cards and that once that’s done, it’s almost impossible to get that money back.

The Weakley County Sheriff’s Department reminds residents that if you have older family members, to talk with them about this and other types of scams.