Weakley County authorities warn of scam

 Weakley County authorities warn of scam

The Weakley County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of a scam that has already cost one resident $7,000.

Sheriff’s Captain Randall McGowan says the resident sent the money through the mail because they were convinced by someone on the phone that Weakley County Deputies would come and arrest them for allowing their Social Security number to be used to launder drug money through Texas.

McGowan says the person thought the money was going to the Social Security Agency.

McGowan says investigators served a search warrant on both the UPS and U.S. Post Office in an attempt to stop the letter, but it had already been delivered before the incident was reported.

The Weakley County Sheriff’s Department reminds you that the Social Security Agency, the IRS, and all other government agencies do not call you on the phone, but will send correspondence through the mail.

McGowan adds that if someone tells you the Sheriff’s Department is going to arrest you if you don’t send money, to call the Sheriff’s Department and report it.