Dyersburg woman wins car by donating blood

 Dyersburg woman wins car by donating blood

A Dyersburg woman is driving a new car thanks to Joe Mahan Ford in Paris and LIFELINE Blood Services of West Tennessee.

On Saturday, at Joe Mahan Ford, Joe and Dian Mahan, presented a new car to Jennifer Ozment, a registered nurse from Dyersburg.

Ozment was one of the blood donors who gave blood this summer during the Joe Mahan Ford Blood Donor promotion.

The risk of summer blood supply shortages is something that LIFELINE Blood Services takes very seriously. In fact, collecting enough blood to meet patient needs is a concern for all blood centers and hospitals throughout the country every year. The threat of summer blood shortages forces blood centers, like LIFELINE Blood Services, to ask the community for help.

Earlier this year, LIFELINE reached out to Joe Mahan Ford of Paris, and asked them to consider donating a car to help get more blood donors to give blood during June, July, and August.

After learning how difficult it was to collect enough blood for patients in West Tennessee hospitals during the summer, the Joe Mahan Team unanimously supported this idea and owner, Jeff Mahan agreed to donate a 2019 Ford Fiesta.

All LIFELINE blood donors who donated blood at all blood drive locations June 1 through August 31, 2019, were eligible to register to win the car.  Thanks to Joe Mahan Ford’s Car Promotion, many people responded and donated blood to help patients in need this summer.  Over 5,000 lives were saved through these efforts.

“We cannot thank Joe Mahan Ford enough for helping encourage people to give blood during the summer months,” said Tonya Johnson, Director of Community Services, LIFELINE Blood Services.  “Because of their generosity, the message that lives depend on volunteer blood donations was heard and people responded,” she added.

“As a nurse, I have seen first -hand how blood transfusions save lives,” said Jennifer Ozment, winner of the 2019 Ford Fiesta. “I try to donate blood as often as I can and encourage others to do the same, “she continued.  Jennifer and her husband, Danny were joined by members of the Joe Mahan Ford Team and representatives from LIFELINE Blood Services for the presentation of the car.

John Miller, CEO of LIFELINE Blood Services commended Joe Mahan Ford for their commitment to helping save lives in the West Tennessee community  by donating the car to help with summer blood donations and being willing to host two blood drives at the dealership.  “Your team did an outstanding job in recruiting donors and sharing the message about the importance of  giving blood during past three months,” Miller said.


(LIFELINE Blood Services is your non-profit, community blood center and the official provider of blood and blood product to patients in 20 hospitals and 9 Air Evac units in West Tennessee.  Visit www.lifeline bloodserv.org to see when a bloodmobile will be in your area, or give blood at LIFELINE Blood Services , 183 Sterling Farms Drive, Jackson, Monday through Saturday 9-6 or call 800-924-6572. To opt in for texting, text “Lifelineblood” to 999-777, To sign up to give platelets, text “saves” to 999-777, To schedule an appointment, text “schedule” to 999-777.)